Sunday, June 16, 2024

Front Row Amy restores credibility to Brewers franchise

The Milwaukee Brewers knew that 2018 was going to be special. This was going to be a season unlike any in recent memory. For the first time in a long time, fans in Milwaukee had reason to be proud of their baseball team, and that reason was a certain bouncing lady sitting front row center at all Brewers home games.

Another round of controversial Josh Hader tweets has surfaced

Less than a week after Josh Hader was embroiled in a controversy over potentially insensitive and now-deleted tweets from his teens, another round of ugly social media posts have surfaced from a different account that Hader had still kept active for some reason.

Brewers fans give standing O to lying liar who lied to them

"It's not like he took a poop in my cheese curds or something."

Epstein admits to mixing up the careers of Sandberg, Sveum

“Sandberg ... damn, I knew it started with an ‘S’,” Epstein was overheard muttering as he strode by reporters before Friday’s game.

Ryan Braun admits he never read the apology his lawyers wrote for him

"My legal guys took care of that," said Braun. "It's important people understand I have no interest in apologizing whatsoever. I deeply regret the fact I find myself in this position. But here I am. I just hope America believes whatever my lawyers made up so we can all put this matter behind us."

Anti-Semite who collects urine for a living offended at being called a Cubs fan

"I might be a lot of things," said Laurenzi in a recent interview. "I collect urine samples for a living. I hate Jewish people. But under no circumstances can anyone get away with calling me a Cubs fan."

New ‘PEDz’ candy dispenser to debut at Miller Park

Plans for a new candy with dispenser honoring Ryan Braun to be sold at Miller Park will still take place even though Braun is facing suspension for multiple drug violations.