Plans for a new candy with dispenser honoring Ryan Braun to be sold at Miller Park will still take place even though Braun is facing suspension for multiple drug violations.

Called PEDz, little pieces of candy are put into a dispenser, and then when you pull back the Brewers cap on top a piece of candy comes out.

The team says they have nothing to worry about.

“Ryan said a friend of his gave him tons of this candy and asked us if we can get rid of them,” said Victoria Kries, a member of the Brewers front office. “I tried some of this candy and it tastes quite different than other candy. After I had some of them I could hit a baseball 500 feet though. I asked Ryan if they were really candy and he swore on his life that they are. Ryan Braun wouldn’t lie to all of us, would he?”

Mariotti Jr.