Wednesday, April 1, 2020

MLB listens to Trump, sets Easter as Opening Day

“If you can’t trust the President to provide Americans with sound, honest, fact-based advice, who can you trust? Plus, we need to do our part to juice the economy,” said Manfred. “Churches are going to be packed on Easter Sunday morning, and we’re going to pack Yankee Stadium with 60,000 screaming fans later that afternoon. It’s going to be great.”

Wellness Check Podcast: Len Kasper

It should have been Opening Day today so we wanted to make sure fans get to hear Len’s voice anyway. Listen here!

Wellness Check Podcast: Joe Johnson from Obvious Shirts

The quarantine continues! Brad caught up with Joe Johnson at Obvious Shirt’s palatial global headquarters. Listen here!

Wellness Check Podcast: Kyle Farnsworth

Another day of quarantine is in the books and Kyle Farnsworth was kind enough to join us for a wellness check. Listen here!

Play The Heckler’s ‘Support Our Friends’ Bingo

Post a winning Bingo board to social media and tag us to win. We'll find something fun to send you, like a Heckler H, T-shirt or a page from Ethan's junior high diary.

Marquee Network releases underwhelming programming lineup to replace actual games

In lieu of MLB suspending play until further notice, management at the new Cubs Marquee Network have come up with a juicy alternative to replace Cubs games.

Mark Grace takes young Cubs under his wing during hiatus to teach slump-busting and...

When Spring Training was placed on lockdown due to the coronavirus, Grace started up an online four-week course called “Get in the Groove with Gracie” for a group of 10 Cubs rookies to teach them what it takes to become a big leaguer.