Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Video game execs forced to rate MLB the Show 17+ because Javy Baez is...

“We felt we there was just too much sex appeal with Baez on the cover,” said Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan. “We had no choice but to put these parental guidelines in place."

Wellness Check Podcast: Physical trainer & Wrigley beer vendor Vinnie Avila

Today's Wellness Check is with another super-interesting guy, Vinnie Avila. Listen here!

Wellness Check Podcast: Danny Rockett of the Son Ranto Podcast and much more

Today's guest is Danny Rockett, the highly creative and energetic co-host of the Son Ranto Podcast and much, much more. Listen here!

Wellness Check Podcast: Matt Szczur unintentionally makes Brad feel bad about himself

Today's Wellness Check is with Matt Szczur who's the kind of guy who inadvertently makes the rest of us feel like chumps. But he's so damn nice about it.

Eric Karros video reveals dark side of 2003 Cubs playoff team

Chicago Tribune writer Paul Sullivan broke a story Tuesday about former Cubs player Eric Karros documenting, through video, part of the 2003 baseball season.

Celebrities who haven’t lived in Chicago for 40 years itching for Cubs baseball

“There isn’t a bigger Cubs fan than me,” alleged actor/comedian Jim Belushi told WGN-TV News.

Wellness Re-Check Podcast: Joe from Obvious Shirts

Today's Wellness Re-Check is with Joe Johnson from Obvious Shirts. We first checked in with Joe a few weeks back to see how the quarantine was treating him. Listen here!