Saturday, April 13, 2024

Chicago Police bracing for riots after final episode of ‘The Last Dance’

With only two episodes of “The Last Dance” documentary remaining, newly appointed Chicago Superintendent of Police David Brown is preparing for fans taking to the streets after next Sunday's tenth and final episode, which features the Bulls winning the 1997-98 NBA championship, the team’s sixth.

Boylen slam-dunks keynote speech at Bernie Sanders rally but calls timeout with 20 seconds...

While many fans think Jim Boylen doesn’t have much future as Bulls coach, some believe politics is on the horizon for him after his electrifying keynote address at the Bernie Sanders rally in Grant Park Saturday afternoon.

Wellness Check Podcast: ESPN’s Nick Friedell

With the quarantine still going strong, Brad caught up with his good friend Nick Friedell from ESPN. Listen here!

Wellness Check Podcast: Joe Johnson from Obvious Shirts

The quarantine continues! Brad caught up with Joe Johnson at Obvious Shirt’s palatial global headquarters. Listen here!

Bulls replace GarPax just in time for the apocalypse

“We appreciate what Gar and John have given our organization,” said team President Michael Reinsdorf, “but now that the end of times is upon us, we owe it to our fans to bring in fresh leadership.”

Rusty LaRue ‘super-pumped’ for 10-part documentary about his rookie season

Former Bull Rusty LaRue is reportedly in disbelief there's a 10-part documentary coming out about his 1997-1998 rookie season. "It's crazy to think ESPN cared so much about my...

MJ already talking mad shit to Joe Exotic about how his docuseries will get...

“Yeah I watched ‘Tiger King’,” said the six-time NBA champion. “It was wild, it was interesting. I enjoyed it, I really did. But Joe Exotic and all of those tigers don’t have shit on me. The ‘Last Dance’ will have the last laugh that’s for sure."