With the quarantine still going strong, Brad caught up with his good friend Nick Friedell from ESPN. Listen here!

Nick rose to prominence about a decade ago covering the Derrick Rose-led Bulls and a few years ago moved to the Bay Area to cover the Warriors.

Brad and Nick talked about how he is handling quarantine in his penthouse suite at the Ritz Carlton (which might not be true), the surprising way he thinks NBA players are socializing while holed up, how the Rudy Gobert coronavirus diagnosis impacted the league, how long he thinks it’ll take to get the league up and running once the virus is under control, what it was like covering the Bulls during the D-Rose era, if he’s surprised GarPax is still around, Joakim Noah’s broad appeal with the ladies, the player who had surprising groupie game, the best interviews he’s done (one might have involved Michael Jordan), his relationship with guys like Jimmy Butler and Kevin Durant, playing HORSE with Dominque Wilkins, and the MLB player who was his worst interview ever.