Monday, June 24, 2024

Korean bat flippers are beginning to bat flip uncontrollably, in the streets and their...

Korean baseball players like to bat flip, this we know, but it appears the bat flip has finally gone too far. Perhaps the greatest bat flipper of all time, Choi Jun-Seok, has now been arrested several times for flipping his bat in public places, such as the middle of an outdoor market, a restaurant and a theater.

Hotdog-eating American refuses to believe baseball is played in South Korea

Jake Beckers loves America, baseball, hotdogs and not much else.

Conor McGregor believes he can end pandemic by fighting COVID-19 in the octagon

“Give me one round with that dirty motherfucker,” McGregor said referring to the virus. “One round, that’s all I need.”

Called-up NHL player turned away at Customs due to missing note from parents

It was one of the most important calls of his career, until it wasn’t.

The Heckler Recalls: Andres Nocioni

Began professional career in the Argentine basketball league in 1995 at the age of 16. Voted the league’s Best Sixth Man in 1998-99. Voted Spanish league MVP in 2004. Won Olympic gold and bronze medals with Argentina in 2004 and 2008, respectively.

Report: Something definitely happening somewhere in NHL

“We are in a peak period for the game,” said NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. “16 teams will make the playoffs, and 14 teams will miss the playoffs and that is certainly a factual statement about the NHL that cannot be disputed. Please don’t ask me to elaborate further.”

Bettman admits to suspending ailing Toews ‘for fun’

“This commissioner gig is pretty sweet if you can get it,” said Bettman. “I must admit, it certainly makes me chuckle thinking how mad Johnny must be, with his little serious cheeks, and that he’s too weak to summon the energy."