Korean baseball players like to bat flip, this we know, but it appears the bat flip has finally gone too far. Perhaps the greatest bat flipper of all time, Choi Jun-Seok, has now been arrested several times for flipping his bat in public places, such as the middle of an outdoor market, a restaurant and a theater. 

“I just can’t stop flipping bats,” Jun-Seok said through a translator. “It started first with home runs. Then I did it with doubles, then singles, then walks, then foul balls, then routine fly ball outs. Then I started bringing the bat out to the field, then I flipped in the dugout. Then one day I was at home and I just started flipping bats and I couldn’t stop. It’s just a bad habit. Some people bite their nails, others crack their knuckles, I flip bats.”

The Korean Baseball Organization continues to encourage their players to bat flip on the field and are offering support for those players who feel the need to flip a bat wherever they go.