As the scientific community rallies to find a cure for COVID-19, the focus has turned to a magician. Not just any magician, but one who goes by the nickname El Mago.

“We gather information every day but there is still so much unknown,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci. “I have seen Javy Baez tag out a baseball player and yes he is quite good at it. But we have to ask ourselves, how comparable is a baseball player to a virus? Our entire team is of course working all day and night trying to find the answer to that question. But at this point it is hard to say. If evidence does suggest that the virus has similar enough genetic material to a professional baseball player that it seems feasible, then I think we would be silly not to further explore this option.”

Ever the good sport, Baez said he was up for the challenge.

“If I can do what I do best and help save the world, then count me in,” said Javier Baez. “If doctors and scientists believe I can help, then I will do it.”

Facui added: “What is clear to our entire team is that if anyone in the world could tag out COVID-19, it would undoubtedly be Javy Baez.”