Today’s Wellness Check is with Pat Tomasulo from the WGN Morning News. Listen here!

In addition to his role as a sports anchor, Pat is a standup comic, hosted a Saturday evening comedy show called “Man of the People,” and started a charity called Laugh Your Face Off to benefit The Facial Pain Research Foundation which supports efforts to end trigeminal neuralgia which is an extremely painful condition Pat’s wife suffers from.

Brad and Pat talk about Pat having to do his daily TV show from home, his “very, very, very” conservative parents, why Pat thinks “Man of the People” didn’t stick, how Pat filled Chicago potholes with buckets of delicious giardiniera, his wife’s newfound love for professional wrestling, how social media has drastically changed his job, how he deals with trolls, starting out his broadcasting career in tiny Rhinelander, Wisc., how Brad and Pat met way back in 2005, and much, much more.

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