Friday, April 12, 2024

ESPN sues Jets for not playing Tebow enough

The stage was set for another miracle by Timothy "Jesus" Tebow under the bright lights of Monday Night Football. Only, the Jets didn't get the memo. ESPN has filed for a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against the Jets for not playing Tim Tebow enough against the Texans Monday night.

Mets forget to show for Phillies game because they thought season was already over

After a putrid loss against the Milwaukee Brewers in which they only collected two hits, the New York Mets forgot to show up for their regularly-scheduled home game against the Phillies on Monday night, citing that "we thought the season ended already."

From the Lastros to the Cleveland Frowns, The World’s Most Honest Sports Team Logos

Team names are fun, but they don't always accurately reflect a franchise's players and fans. Here at The Heckler, we've created a few alternate names and logos that are more descriptive of the teams they represent.

Favre spotted lurking around Jets camp; seen walking the other way after Ryan orders...

“I wouldn’t even have noticed him because it was business as usual,” said season-ticket holder Roy Hiller. “I was just watching Tebow overshoot his intended target by about seven feet, and then I hear a loud audible ‘Aww, c’mon!!!’ coming from the bushes. That’s when I saw Brett.”

Desperate ESPN photoshops Tebow’s face onto Mars rover pic

"What you're looking at is a live feed of Tim Tebow's visage on the surface of Mars," said ESPN football analyst Adam Schefter. "Wow. This is definitely going to create a QB controversy here in the Milky Way ... and also at Jets camp."

Heckler Comic: Tebow descends on the Jets

Quarterback Tim Tebow is a Jet, and New York will never be the same.

Tim Tebow woos press conference attendees with spontaneous rendition of ‘Zou Bisou Bisou’

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow spontaneously broke into song on Monday, wooing the media at his introductory press conference by singing an even sultrier version of "Zou Bisou Bisou," the song made famous by Sunday night's episode of Mad Men.