Friday, April 12, 2024

Terrelle Pryor seeking free cars, other benefits from NJ businesses to join Jets or...

“I’ve narrowed my choice to a few teams in the AFC East and NFC East. I consider the San Francisco Metro area a dark-horse. Of course, Dallas came in with a strong push,” said Pryor, who is now sporting a new, complimentary “Tressel Can Lick My Balls”-tattoo from Fort Worth Ink and Piercing.

Jets apply franchise tag on Ed Hochuli

“Hochuli has an encyclopedic knowledge of the NFL rules, seems to have a good relationship with the league’s officiating crews, and scored a 49 on the Wunderlic test,” said head coach Rex Ryan.

Top 10 new features of Madden ’12 other than concussions

EA Sports announced Madden ’12 will include concussions. Here are the top 10 other new features.

Lovie to coach barefoot against Jets in an effort to distract Rex Ryan

Bears head coach Lovie Smith will reportedly go sans shoes on Sunday afternoon in hopes of distracting New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, an admitted foot-fetishist.

Do Lovie Smith and his wife have a ‘bland’ fetish?

Just a few days after the Rex Ryan foot-fetish scandal, new videos have surfaced online depicting what appears to be MaryAnne Smith, wife of Bears head coach Lovie Smith, in several tedious, uninteresting situations.

Heckler Video: Did Rex Ryan reveal his foot fetish before the scandal broke?

Just a day before Rex Ryan's bizarre foot fetish scandal became public, he seemed a little too interested in Santonio Holmes' feet during a press conference. See for yourself.

Heckler Video: Jets strength coach admits he was actually filming a Buffalo Wild Wings...

It turns out that NY Jets strength coach Sal Alosi wasn't trying to injure anyone on the Miami Dolphins when he tripped Nolan Carroll. He was actually filming a commercial for Buffalo Wild Wings.