EA Sports recently announced Madden ’12 will include concussions. Here are the top 10 other new features:

1 – Finally, the Detroit Lions.

2 – The inside of the package will smell like a lineman’s athletic supporter.

3 – Special setting allows you to perform plastic surgery on the face of Dallas owner Jerry Jones.

4 – Players now rated on “Dancing with the Stars” potential.

5 – When you hit left, down, left, left on the controller you see naked pictures of Erin Andrews.

6 – Brett Favre is the QB for the 2012 expansion Los Angeles Commandos.

7 – Rex Ryan has heart attack in week eight.

8 – Jay Cutler is 85 percent more pouty than any other player.

9 – Wildcat formation replaced with classic T-formation.

10 – Due to the league’s anticipated work stoppage, the game’s 2012 version is really just Tecmo Bowl with better packaging but no Bo Jackson.

Patrick O. Elia