Saturday, December 5, 2020

ESPN broadcasts 1 millionth Tom Brady speculation segment

Where will Tom Brady play in 2020 and does anyone outside New England really care about the soon-to-be 43-year-old with a shot arm? Outside of ESPN, not really. But boy do the hosts of First Take, Get Up, SportsCenter and even NBA: The Jump sure do!

Bill Belichick denies spying allegations while dangling from rope in secured vault

While suspended above a weight sensitive floor in a maximum security intelligence, compound Bill Belichick repeatedly denied all accusations of spying on the Bengals’ sidelines earlier this month.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck set to direct ‘The Bob Kraft Innocence Project’

In the documentary, Matt Damon will be playing the role of young Bob Kraft, and old Bob Kraft with makeup just so he can get two different Oscar nomination. Damon will also be writing and re-writing the entire script, and doing all of the casting and directing.

Michael Wolff announces plans for Patriots book

As his Trump Administration tell-all "Fire and Fury" is hitting bookstores, author Michael Wolff announced the New England Patriots would be the subject of his next project.

Tom Brady files for unemployment

Brady, who along with 8.3 million other Americans is currently out of work, will be requesting unemployment benefits to help support his family while he is suspended.

Goodell to receive ‘fair’ appeal hearing from same judge that ruled against him

“I was beside myself when I learned I would be hearing the appeal,” Judge Berman remarked. “And, when I say ‘beside myself,’ I mean that person beside me will have a tough task of either agreeing with his original decision or the person he just ruled against. It’s hard to say which way it will go.”