As his Trump Administration tell-all “Fire and Fury” is hitting bookstores, author Michael Wolff announced the New England Patriots would be the subject of his next project.

“It’s clear I enjoy shining a light on dysfunction and now that I’m finished with the White House, it seems like the mighty New England Patriots have a big mess on their hands,” said Wolff. “I have decided they will be the focus of my next book.”

Wolff said he would be embedded with the Patriots during their 2018 playoff run, much like he was embedded in the White House during much of Trump’s first year in office. He already sees quite a few similarities between the two organizations.

“It sounds like the Patriots have all the behind-the-scenes intrigue that the Trump Administration has: You’ve got grouchy curmudgeons, crackpots who have run afoul of the law, superstars who have allegedly cheated in the past, and rich jerks,” said Wolff, “Plus, the Patriots have been at the top of their game for 18 years, so this book is sure to be another bestseller.”

In response to Wolff’s decision, the Patriots simply copy-and-pasted the joint statement issued earlier in the day by owner Robert Kraft, coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady denying a rift that an exclusive story highlighted.

Internet trolls seemed equally divided between the ESPN story being “fake news” or signaling a true beginning of the end of the New England dynasty. All were in agreement on one thing: No one reads books anymore so the Patriots have nothing to fear whenever Wolff finally publishes his.