Bills fans aren’t the only ones disappointed their team got bounced in a close playoff loss to the Jaguars Sunday. The folding table industry is also bracing for a sales slowdown now that Buffalo fans won’t be destroying their product during their notoriously rowdy tailgate parties.

“I’m not going to lie,” said Steven Carroll, spokesperson for the Fraternal Order of International Folding Table Manufacturers, “the Bills run has been a real shot in the arm for our sales this year.”

Carroll added that destruction of their product isn’t something they’d normally advocate.

“After seeing the way the Buffalo tailgating tradition boosted our sales numbers we had no choice but to embrace it, however insane it might be,” said Carroll.

Now that the Bills have been bounced, Carroll is encouraging his union’s members to focus on the positive.

“Bills fans and their table-trashing ways aren’t going anywhere,” said Carroll. “Plus there will always be pro wrestling, which accounts for roughly 25 percent of our annual sales.”