An American Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing last night at O’Hare airport, after Chicago’s blistery weather conditions caused the pilot to have trouble seeing the runway. Luckily, sportscaster Joe Buck was in town to offer his obscenely large forehead for assistance.

“You know, I just did what any other good-headed, I mean hearted, citizen would do in that situation,” said the 45-year-old Buck, with the plane’s tire marks still just barely visible on his alien-like cranium.

According to witnesses, Buck laid down on the grassy medians at the airport, allowing the plane to safely land on his forehead with room to spare.

“It was the smoothest landing I’ve ever seen,” commented one passenger, attributing this to Buck’s wrinkle-less forehead from never actually smiling, but instead slyly smirking from being right about everything all of the time.

Buck, who is the subject of multiple Facebook hate groups and Reddit threads, now finds himself being heralded as a hero.

“It’s an honor,” said Buck. “But I’m gonna try to not let it go to my head.”


Shingo TaCatsu