The NBA lockout may be in full effect, but Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni is still trying to change some league rules to help better suit his team’s strengths. Due to the fact D’Antoni hasn’t even mentioned the word defense to his team during his tenure, only one Knick has played any defense at all over the past two seasons. This is forward Jared Jeffries, and even he has been consistently rated one of the worst NBA players throughout his career.

Now D’Antoni has officially sent a letter of protest to NBA commish David Stern asking him to abolish defense in the league and make all games just prolonged shooting and dunk contests.

Here is the letter, leaked by the New York Post:

Dear David Stern,

It’s Mike D’Antoni. If you don’t remember me, I coach the Knicks in the league you run. Due to the fact that only one of the players on my team right now knows what defense is or can play it, I would like to propose changing all official NBA games into a mix of a shooting and dunk contest. I know it sounds crazy right now, but the New York fans are just so mean to me when we constantly lose games to terrible teams like the Cavaliers and Kings. If we changed the format of a game, we would win more of them and the fans wouldn’t yell at me as much. They really hurt my feelings and I want it to stop. Thank you David and talk to you soon (Just kidding. It’s a lockout and I know none of us can officially do talk to anyone else).


By Josh Burton, Twitter & Facebook