Frustrated after watching the Canucks slash and hit smaller players but skate away from enforcer John Scott, the Blackhawks are going to pull the old switcheroo. For Game 6, Scott will wear diminutive Patrick Kane’s jersey and skate on his knees, hoping that the Canucks will make a mistake and accidentally fight him.

“I’m getting sick of these guys skating away from me as fast as they can,” said Scott. “So I’m going to act really small and when they undoubtedly try to pull something, I’m going to stand up and unleash a pimp-style beatdown onto their stunned faces.”

Experts agree this type of plan has never been attempted, but they also agree there has never been a team as cowardly as the Canucks in a sport known for its unrelenting toughness.

“Really, the part I’m looking forward to is when Kaner is wearing my jersey and all the Canucks refuse to go within 40 feet of a guy that couldn’t beat up my grandmother,” said Scott. “Also, if I wear number 88 after the game, I’m sure to score a ton of chicks.”

By Rob Winn