In an effort to take some comedy pressure off play-by-play man Joe Buck, FOX has decided to digitally insert Peter Griffin into the broadcast booth for tonight’s game.

“Joey’s going baldy … Joey’s going baldy …” repeated Griffin in a high-pitched sing-song voice, while the trio was taking promotional photos Sunday morning. “Hey, Troy, answer me this: why do you look like Mr. Ed? Hahahahahahaha! But seriously, do you think Michael Irvin can score me some blow, or should I just ask that foxy sideline reporter, Chris Myers?”

Griffin will also be used to promote FOX’s “Animation Domination” cadre of shows, a fact that doesn’t sit well with Buck.

“The live promos are my territory,” said Buck. “It’s my only chance to read from a card, ensuring I don’t sound like a complete dork. Hey! Peter just ate my hot dog!”

Aikman is okay with the move, as he generally can’t stand Buck’s lame puns and ill-conceived jokes.

“It’s gonna be nice to have a partner in the booth who knows what’s it like to drink beer and make an endless stream of random jokes,” said Aikman. “Peter and I already have a bit planned where we toss Joe out of the booth every time there’s a fumble.”

Heckler George