Super Bowl celebrations raged into uncharted realms of vandalism late Sunday night in Wisconsin. Thousands of looters dressed in orange hunting bibs set overturned snowmobiles on fire, torched a cheese museum and pillaged a taxidermy shop.

“I snagged myself a whitetail buck and mallard drake,” said intoxicated looter Harrison Lloyd. “It is kind of sad that the life-size provolone statue of Vince Lombardi is no more, but dang, that cheese was torched to a rich, smoky flavor.”

The total damage could have been a lot worse, said Green Bay police chief Jim Arts. Luckily, there were no electronics stores within 100 miles of city limits.

“It was pretty intense for a while but the crowds really couldn’t stay organized,” said Arts. “After a few hours their snowmobiles ran out of gas and the batteries in their CB radios died. They just kind of wandered around drunk after that, which is a pretty typical Sunday night in Wisconsin.”