The 2010-2011 Bears season may be over, but the memories can live on forever with commemorative pieces of hallowed Soldier Field sod, available to the public for just $1,500 each.

“This year was special for many reasons, not the least of which was our wonderful turf,” said a Bears spokesman. “What better way to commemorate a brilliant 11-5 campaign with a two-inch slab of our completely acceptable field.”

Every piece of sod comes in a glass cube with a certificate of authenticity, but no two chunks are alike. Some feature dark brown dirt and a few blades of grass, while others may be a mound of sand, gravel and sawdust.

“If fans are lucky, they might even get a piece with our patented FieldPatch™ Technology,” said head groundskeeper Ralph Monroe, referring to the duct tape that was used to hold the field together in the latter part of the season. “There’s even a few pieces out there with game-used cleats still stuck in them.”

Fans are advised not to open the cubes, as some pieces of sod contain shards of broken bottles from one of the 23 beer festivals held at Soldier Field between November and January.

Heckler George