Wednesday, October 5, 2022

NBA Preview: Seattle Supersonics

Why They Might Be Good: The combination of shot-making guard Ray Allen, the team's young legs, and the easy access to energy-reviving Starbucks coffee courtesy of soon-to-be-former team owner Howard Schultz guarantees that on any given night, the Sonics can run anybody out of the gym.

Montero refuses trade to Seattle, joins Peace Corps instead

“I really, really tried to look on the bright side,” Montero insisted. “I mean, Seattle’s not Kansas City, not Cleveland. Still, it didn’t help. Besides, you need a rocket launcher to get a ball out of Safeco. I had to follow my heart.”

Selig on Melky’s PED test: ‘Did you hear about Felix Hernandez’s perfect game?’

Bud Selig spoke publicly Thursday for the first time since Melky Cabrera's 50-game suspension for a positive drug test was announced a day before, but rather than address media questions about the topic he deferred to the day's other baseball news.

Wisconsin farmer invents fleet of ‘robot’ referees

Upon investigation, however, the “robots” were found to be mostly goats and other wildlife sewn into scarecrows, with tape recorders that occasionally blurted “NO CATCH.”

Send us your Seahawks-Packers referee Photoshops

Great pics are already rolling in. Send yours to

Chicago Bears Bingo — Week 13, 2012 (Seahawks)

Play along as the Bears and their "rag-tag" offensive line take on the Seattle in a "must-win" game at "balmy Soldier Field." Click on the image to view a larger, printer-friendly size.

Russell Wilson changes first name to ROY to promote Rookie of the Year campaign

“Some fans still aren’t sold,” said Wilson. “I need to prove to them that not only does my play distinguish me from the rest, but my name as well. I was never attached to ‘Russell’ anyway.”