Thursday, October 6, 2022

Piniella’s minor league lineup can’t solve Lincecum

When Cubs manager Lou Piniella saw that his team would be facing last year's Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum of the Giants on Tuesday afternoon, he immediately flew the white flag of surrender.

Report: Joe Montana once faxed suggestive photo to 49ers cheerleader

Just a week ago suggestive photos, allegedly sent by Brett Favre to a former Jets employee, were published on the internet, creating a national stir. Now another great quarterback's sexually inappropriate photographic transmissions have been exposed.

World Series reefer madness leads to marijuana legalization nationwide

With San Francisco Giants fans openly toking in the stands of AT&T Park during the World Series, federal law enforcement officials have decided to end the war on pot smoking.

Piniella enjoying retirement and part-time job as mall Santa Claus; Fontenot serving as elf

Lou Piniella was spotted at a suburban Florida shopping center over the weekend, where he was working part-time as a mall Santa Claus.

This Week’s Top Sports Headlines | Slideshow

The Heckler brings you the most shocking headlines from the world of sports.

Schwartz reportedly freaked when Harbaugh spilled details about Tuesday’s ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Lions coach Jim Schwartz went after 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh for blabbering key plot points of the latest installment of this season's "Sons of Anarchy" while both coaches shook hands at the conclusion of their game Sunday afternoon.

Alex Smith really wants to remind you that he was drafted ahead of Aaron...

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, so the guy has his Super Bowl ring and probably an MVP trophy after this year,” said Smith. “Yeah he might also be the most efficient quarterback ever to play the position. So what? You know who has two thumbs and was drafted ahead of Aaron Rodgers?”