Lions coach Jim Schwartz went after 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh for blabbering key plot points of the latest installment of this season’s “Sons of Anarchy” while both coaches shook hands at the conclusion of their game Sunday afternoon.

The 49ers won the game, 25-19, and an exuberant Harbaugh, unaware that Schwartz hadn’t had time to watch Tuesday’s episode of FX’s hit series because he had a thing to go to for his daughter, not only congratulated the coach on a good game, but quickly mentioned how winning the game was almost as mind-blowing as Juice killing Miles this week on “Sons.”

Schwartz, upon hearing the spoiler, chased after Harbaugh and both coaches and a number of players from each team had to be restrained.

“We can win another football game, that’s not going to be a problem,” Schwartz said. “We were undefeated for five games, we have a great offense so I think we can win some more games, but I will never be able to un-hear that about Miles… I might as well stop watching the show.”