Sunday, June 16, 2024

Wellness Check Podcast: Haymarket Books author/publicist & former Army Ranger Rory Fanning

Today's Wellness Check is with Rory Fanning, who has many extremely interesting stories to tell. Listen here!

Second-Best Sports Town Update: Philly, Detroit, Denver & Atlanta advance

We’ve reached the Isolated 8 and things are getting intense! Atlanta edged Oakland for the last spot. Now it’s time to see who’s going to make the Furloughed Four!

Jimmy Garoppolo hopes Super Bowl berth will help him finally do well with women

Jimmy Garoppolo might be a starting QB in the NFL, but he says it's never been enough to help him with the opposite sex. He's hoping the 49ers' Super Bowl berth will change all that.

MLB’s 10th-best team wins World Series

The San Francisco Giants wrapped up yet another World Series title Wednesday night but this one was especially meaningful as it's the first time the league's 10th-best team has won it all.

Tim Lincecum tells nation’s youth ‘Anything is possible if you smoke a ton of...

“I can’t express how great it feels to throw my second career no-hitter," said Lincecum. "I’d especially like to thank the people that helped me along the way, namely my teammates, my coaches and the guys at 420 Farmacy in Boulder who scored me a nickel bag of Black Bart’s Acapulco Woodbine right after I had just run out of Mystic Mountain Schnozzberry Kush.”

Alex Smith spotted with Colin Kaepernick voodoo doll

“I was only trying to get my souvenir shopping done and out of the way early,” claims the former starting QB.

Super Bowl XVLII Bingo, presented by

Play along at home as the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens clash to settle once and for all which Harbaugh brother gets the top bunk. Click the image to view a larger, printer-friendly version of the game board.