Upon arriving in New Orleans earlier in the week for Super Bowl XLVII, 49ers backup quarterback Alex Smith made a beeline straight to the nearest voodoo shop. He walked out with only one item: a voodoo doll with a red #7 jersey that was kissing its bicep.

“I was only trying to get my souvenir shopping done and out of the way early,” claims the former starting QB. Smith led his 49ers to the NFC championship game last season and a 6-2 record this season before suffering a first half concussion against the Rams.

As a result, backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick stepped in and has played superbly, leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl against the Baltimore Ravens, becoming a fan favorite along the way. Smith has since been relegated to holding a clipboard.

Last week, Smith admitted to a bittersweet feeling but still supported his teammates and Kaepernick. “If you can’t be happy, there’s something wrong with you,” Smith said.

This week, Smith is preparing as if he will play in the Super Bowl, knowing that he can be called upon at a moment’s notice should something happen to Kaepernick.

During practice this week, Kaepernick has been performing well, save for a few incredibly errant throws, after which he complained that sharp needling pains were affecting him at the point of release.

A few reporters standing by Smith during each of Kaep’s bad throws heard loud and audible cackles coming from Smith. When looking in Smith’s direction, reporters noticed him clutching the Kaepernick doll in one hand and a safety pin in the other with a large evil grin on his face.

When later questioned about the correlation between Kaep’s ducks and Smith’s grins, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh refused to acknowledge it.

“Alex is a pro. He supports Colin and my decision to back him as the starter with Alex as the backup. Plus, I don’t believe in vood–YEEOWCH!”

At a separate press conference, Ravens head coach and Jim’s brother, John Harbaugh cackled while saying with an evil grin, “Oh I totally believe in voodoo.”