Just a week ago suggestive photos, allegedly sent by Brett Favre to a former Jets employee, were published on the internet, creating a national stir. Now another great quarterback’s sexually inappropriate photographic transmissions have been exposed.

Bunny Carmen, a former 49ers “Gold Rush” cheerleader, claimed Wednesday that Hall of Famer Joe Montana once faxed a photo of himself shirtless to her in 1985. Carmen claims to have rejected Montana’s advances, mainly because of the fax’s poor quality.

“It was all grainy and black and white,” said Carmen. “I couldn’t really tell what was going on. He was wearing Zubaz pants so that made the quality of the fax even worse.”

Carmen said Montana included a hand-written note that read “Thinking of you,” so she assumed he was attempting to send her a suggestive photo. Carmen went straight to the press with her story.

“Naturally, the first place I went was The George Michael Sports Machine, which was all the rage back then, ” said Carmen. “But George was kind of old school and said cheerleaders should be used to players coming onto them. Then he asked me out on a date.”

Carmen said that now Favre’s story has come to light, she expects many women who have worked in professional sports to come forward with similar tales.

“This sort of thing is nothing new,” said Carmen. “I heard a story that Babe Ruth once sent a photo of himself in his boxers to a Yankees secretary via Hellschreiber so nothing surprises me anymore.”