Aaron Rodgers this, Aaron Rodgers that. Alex Smith is sick of hearing about Aaron Rodgers. And now he’s finally speaking up about it.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, so the guy has his Super Bowl ring and probably an MVP trophy after this year,” said Smith. “Yeah he might also be the most efficient quarterback ever to play the position. So what? You know who has two thumbs and was drafted ahead of Aaron Rodgers?”

“This guy,” Smith said.

Smith admits he wasn’t always so brash when comparing himself to Rodgers, and with good reason.

“I stunk. But I didn’t always stink. There was a reason I went #1 overall in the draft, ahead of Aaron Rodgers by the way,” Smith reiterated. “I can play quarterback. But our situations couldn’t have been more different.”

The 49ers were coming off a terrible season that allowed them to draft Smith over Rodgers, while the Packers were fresh off another 1st place finish in the NFC North.

Smith added, “Aaron comes in, after being picked second overall behind yours truly, and he gets to sit behind and learn under Brett Favre. Meanwhile, I’m here in San Francisco, holding a clipboard for Tim Rattay? Let’s not forget my first coach was more worried about wearing suits and dressing like daddy, and my second coach kept dropping his pants in the locker room!”

Now things have finally turned around for Smith this year with 1st year head coach Jim Harbaugh sticking by the former 2005 #1 overall pick (ahead of Aaron Rodgers, Smith begged The Heckler to add, again) – a move that was questionable at the time. But the gamble has paid off with 1st place in the NFC West locked up and the Niners working towards a possible first round bye in the playoffs. And Smith is playing the best ball of his career, allowing him to chirp a little from his soapbox.

“I hope to get the Packers in the playoffs so we can settle this once and for all. The #1 overall pick vs. the quarterback selected after him,” Smith said. “I’ll show the world that I’m #1, and he’s nothing but a #2, Packer.”