Friday, January 21, 2022

Clippers GM attends NBA lottery ‘for old time’s sake’

Even though his Clippers made the playoffs and weren't eligible for the NBA lottery, GM Neil Olshey made an appearance at the event Wednesday night, saying it was "for old time's sake."

Lakers currently California’s fourth best NBA team

After dropping their second game is as many nights, the Lakers dream team is currently 0-2 and flopping away this young season, ranking as the worst of California's four NBA squads.

NBA fans shocked at total hotness of Donald Sterling’s girlfriend

"I know Donald Sterling is a racist and a horrible human being," said Musberger . "With that said, the awesomeness of his super-smokin’ hot girlfriend must not go ignored.

Oops: Paula Deen catered the Donald Sterling press conference

As Silver time and again lambasted the Clippers owner for making remarks that went beyond the bounds of decency, Deen provided appetizers, entrees and specialty drinks.

Donald Sterling’s ex-girlfriend now dating Clark the Cub

Stiviano and Clark reportedly met at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers during Cubs Convention 2014. Stiviano didn’t plan on being on the hotel to meet the true love of her life. She actually was there just hoping to meet young up-and-coming Cubs player.

Sterling to buy Clippers: ‘This won’t end well’ says everyone who’s ever met him

Real estate developer and attorney Donald Sterling today committed to purchase the San Diego Clippers for nearly $13 million, an astronomical amount of money for a ball club with a dwindling fan base and only three winning seasons since its 1970 inception.

Jordan forgets he owns Bobcats, wants to buy Clippers

"I keep forgetting that," said Jordan. "Well, Jerry [Reinsdorf] has two teams. We're not even a real team. Aren't we the Hornets again? Who do we even have? Al Harrington?"