Saturday, June 22, 2024

Citing ‘Perfect Match,’ 1-10 Clippers extend Del Negro through 2023

The Clippers, off to an abysmal 1-10 start this season, have signed first-year coach Vinny Del Negro to an eight-year contract extension, the team revealed Monday.

Del Negro gets first win at United Center in two years

Vinny Del Negro brought home his first win at the United Center in two years and his Clippers notched just their sixth win of the season, beating the Bulls 100-99 Saturday night.

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On Deck: Sports predictions for April 20-27

The Heckler predicts what will happen in the world of sports in the next 7 days. Among the speculations, Blake Griffin will dunk the moon and Matt Thornton will get an unofficial save.

NBA Preview: Los Angeles Clippers

Why They Might Be Good: It's still difficult to accept the fact that last season—when they were healthy—these perpetual doormats sported one of the most reliable starting lineups in the league, led by rock Elton Brand. But as solid as they were in '06, they shored up their roster with the signings of professionally-diagnosed depressive forward Vin Baker and hilariously named center Boniface Ndong.

Clippers place middle finger statue in Staples Center outside Lakers locker room

Clippers president Andy Roeser has ordered an oversized statue of a hand giving the middle finger be placed immediately outside the Los Angeles Lakers locker room within the very stadium the two teams share.

L.A. residents confuse ‘Paul to the Clippers’ headline as title of a new Tarantino...

“'Paul to the Clippers'?” asked a UCLA student. “I think I saw on IMDB that's Quentin Tarantino's new flick about strippers in New Mexico who seek revenge against the corrupt school boards.”