Along with such luminaries as Oprah Winfrey, David Geffen, and P. Diddy, Michael Jordan has now thrown his hat in the conversation of potential owners for the Los Angeles Clippers.

When Jordan was reminded that he already owns an NBA team, he grimaced.

“I keep forgetting that,” said Jordan. “Well, Jerry [Reinsdorf] has two teams. We’re not even a real team. Aren’t we the Hornets again? Who do we even have? Al Harrington?”

Jordan was reminded that it’s actually Al Jefferson on the team.

“Yeah, same guy. Look, that Clippers team is good. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, that other guy. I caught some of their game in the clubhouse on Sunday after I shot an 81. Tough course.”

Jordan said financially owning an additional team shouldn’t be a problem as he would just shoot more Hanes commercials. “I’m not worried. I’ve known Commissioner Stern a long time. He’ll approve me.”