Tuesday was a day of reckoning for LA Clippers owner David Sterling. Adam Silver, the Commissioner of the NBA, announced that Sterling would be banned from the NBA for life and forced to pay a $2.5 million fine for his horribly racist comments.

However, that didn’t mean people should go home hungry.

Assembled media and members of the NBA community were treated to a first class luncheon that was catered by renowned chef Paula Deen. While Silver chastised Sterling for his derogatory comments, Deen was there to make sure everybody enjoyed a delicious meal. As Silver time and again lambasted the Clippers owner for making remarks that went beyond the bounds of decency, Deen provided appetizers, entrees and specialty drinks.

Deen also proudly brought out a brand new dessert creation that paid tribute to both Sterling’s racist personality, and the social media savvy of Sterling’s former mistress, V Stiviano. She called them Insta-Graham-Crackers.

When asked for her comments on the situation, the celebrity chef was quick to remind people that we should definitely focus on Donald Sterling being the racist one.