Sunday, July 14, 2024

Maddon announces next road trip theme will be to dress up as better baseball...

After dropping two of three in Houston and getting swept in St. Louis against the Cardinals, Maddon came up a good idea for their next road trip.

Trump bars Raiders and Texans from returning to U.S. from Mexico

President-elect Donald Trump followed through with his campaign promise of deportation on Monday night by barring the Oakland Raiders and Houston Texans from returning to the U.S. following their game in Mexico City.

Astros and Mets to sit out 2014 MLB season

In a move that's being described as cost-cutting, convenient and pragmatic, the Houston Astros and New York Mets will sit out the upcoming Major League Baseball season.

Cubs beg MLB to return Astros to the NL Central

"Come on, Bud, send them back where they belong!" Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts shouted while pounding on Commissioner Bud Selig's office door. "Please, please, PLEASE! I'll be your friend since I know you don't have any!" Ricketts pleaded as Selig hid under the desk in his locked, darkened office.

Chicago Bears Bingo — Week 10 (Houston Texans)

Play along as the Bears take on the Texans in a game the media will hail as the Bears' chance to prove themselves against a real team.

Not one soul in entire universe able to explain why Cubs-Astros series should be...

"Umm, yeah, I'm not so sure," said Cubs owner Tom Ricketts. "I guess the ivy looks kind of nice this time of year."

Selig announces 28 teams will qualify for playoffs next year; Only Cubs and Astros...

While some are complaining that baseball's new expanded playoff format is merely rewarding mediocrity as several .500 clubs chase a postseason spot, Bud Selig is so in love with the new setup that he's opening up the playoffs to all but two teams next season.