President-elect Donald Trump followed through with his campaign promise of deportation on Monday night by barring the Oakland Raiders and Houston Texans from returning to the U.S. following their game in Mexico City.

Both teams were intercepted in the bowels of Azteca Stadium by Trump’s makeshift foreign policy team, led by advisor Steve Bannon, and informed of their new permanent residence in the Mexican capital. A fence was being erected around the stadium to isolate the NFLers from the rest of the population.

“Both of these teams have a history of being horrible at football, and despite their fluky records this year, they will not be allowed back into the U.S.,” tweeted Trump. “This is the first step in making our country great again.”

Additional NFL teams are being targeted for deportation, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, who play a game every year in London. Others are being used as pawns in Trump’s overseas trade negotiations.

“I plan to send the Chicago Bears to China for a large shipment of electronics and perfumes,” added Trump. “It will create jobs and help our economy immensely, while simultaneously sending the Asian market into the toilet.”

Jeremy Barewin