Despite the Bulls’ encouraging start to the season, old wounds were reopened Monday night as the team’s traditional “family Thanksgiving” on their charter plane exploded into an argument that apparently lasted for hours.

As the Bulls sat down to a Thanksgiving dinner, Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade had to be separated when all three of them simultaneously reached for the carving knife, causing them to stare in silence at each other for what witnesses called “an uncomfortably long” period of time.

“This is my team,” screamed Butler according to sources. “I’m carving the damn turkey! I was here when it was just me, Tony Snell and Cam Bairstow eating sad green bean casserole and the weird Spanish ham that Pau brought. I’ve earned my place.”

Waving the knife madly at his fellow Big 3 members, Butler was reportedly heard yelling, “How’s about this for pace and space? Y’all won’t come within five feet of me now!”

Sources say Wade then escalated the confrontation, firmly telling Butler, “Thanksgiving turkey carver is my role. You think you can have a couple of good seasons and suddenly you’re the big man? You think you can be the dad and carve the turkey? I’m the dad. Always have been, always will be. Now get to the back of the line.”

Rondo’s reasoning was more suspect, with the point guard telling reporters, “I’m not really sure why I care. I’m really just doing it to be an asshole.”

The Bulls remained aboard the plane five hours after landing, fighting, with Butler accusing Doug McDermott of liking Wade more than him and Rondo repeatedly asking who invited Michael Carter-Williams.