While some are complaining that baseball’s new expanded playoff format is merely rewarding mediocrity as several .500 clubs chase a postseason spot, Bud Selig is so in love with the new setup that he’s opening up the playoffs to all but two teams next season.

“We’re witnessing history with the Brewers, Pirates, Phillies and Diamondbacks all within just a few games of a playoff spot and fans around the world are glued to the standings to find out which least mediocre team might make the cut,” said Selig. “Imagine how great this will be next season when every team but two will qualify for postseason baseball?”

Selig didn’t miss a beat when asked which team from each league will be held back from the 2013 playoffs.

“Oh that’s easy,” said Selig. “The Cubs and Astros for sure. We’ve already eliminated them from the playoffs for the next three seasons.”