Friday, July 19, 2024

Jerry Jones considers placing Dez Bryant on IR, adding himself to roster

"There is a certain former all-conference free agent out there I've had my eye on for awhile," Jones said as he turned to face the gigantic mirror that lines an entire wall of his suite. "Yes sir. Just the guy for the job."

NFL promotes Sunday night Cowboys-Eagles game as ‘2012 Irrelevance Bowl’

"Well, I had to throw Philly a bone and give them a game in prime time they could win," he said. "Plus it gives us a new game to market. With any luck, the 2012 Irrelevance Bowl will be at least twice as popular as the 2012 Pro Bowl."

Hilarious Cowboys think ugly win over Browns somehow makes them relevant

Despite barely squeaking past the hapless Cleveland Browns in overtime, Dallas Cowboys coaches and players rejoiced on Sunday, believing their inept offense had turned a corner or something.

Romo has ‘awesome dream’ about only being sacked 24 times in Bears game

"Obviously the number will be closer to 50 or 60," he said. "But a guy can dream, right? I mean maybe their entire line will forget to board the plane, and then their linebackers will only get to me a handful of times a series."

MNF Showdown: Cutler and Romo battle for title of ‘America’s Second Most Hated QB’

"Right now, the nation really can't stand either one of them," said ESPN analyst Chris Mortensen. "Who can rise to the occasion and leapfrog past the other to become only the second most loathed quarterback in the country remains to be seen."

Yahoo! Fantasy Football servers crash after 8 million searches for ‘Kevin Ogletree’

At approximately 10:03 EST, Wednesday night, Yahoo! Sports reported that its fantasy football servers crashed for approximately 25 minutes after over 8 million searches occurred for one player: Kevin Ogletree.

From the Lastros to the Cleveland Frowns, The World’s Most Honest Sports Team Logos

Team names are fun, but they don't always accurately reflect a franchise's players and fans. Here at The Heckler, we've created a few alternate names and logos that are more descriptive of the teams they represent.