The Sunday night game for the first weekend of December is a clash between two teams that have underperformed in different ways. At the outset of the season, the Cowboys had some hope of being a decent team and maybe even making history.

“I thought we could finally shut up Mercury Morris,” said owner Jerry Jones, referring to the fact he felt the Cowboys could possibly go undefeated.

While the Eagles had similar hopes because of the sheer amount of talent on the offensive side of the ball, the turnover bug affecting Michael Vick early in the year dashed those hopes before the mid-point of the season.

Thanks to the NFL refusing to use flex scheduling to its fullest extent, the nation is stuck with this battle for relevance in the city of brotherly love, where even Kris Kringle gets booed. When asked about this schedule mishap, commissioner Roger Goodell shrugged.

“Well, I had to throw Philly a bone and give them a game in prime time they could win,” he said. “Plus it gives us a new game to market. With any luck, the 2012 Irrelevance Bowl will be at least twice as popular as the 2012 Pro Bowl.”