Thursday, July 18, 2024

Heckler Comic: Cowboys staying out of Peyton derby

Peyton Manning is on the market, but Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is perfectly happy with his quarterback.

Heckler Comic: Jerry Jones and his championship woes

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones receives a dark omen concerning the likelihood of future Super Bowl titles.

Heckler Comic: Romo gives Eli some advice

Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo gives New York Giants QB and two-time Super Bowl Champion some advice about star power and success.

Heckler Comic: Jerry the owner is angry at Jerry the GM

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has some misplaced anger after his team failed to make the postseason.

Ryan brothers go berserk after ‘Har-Bowl’

Texas State Police and a few Texas Rangers were called to the home of Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan after neighbors reported a big dust up in the front yard. When law enforcement arrived, Rob had hos brother Rex in a headlock, repeatedly punching him in the ear.

CBS promises to show infamous Leon Lett play only 800 times on Thanksgiving Day

“Hello friends,” said CBS’ Jim Nance, who is set to call the game with broadcast partner Phil Simms. “This game is not about Tony Romo or Rob Ryan or Reggie Bush, but a big buffoon who left his mark on Thanksgiving Day nearly two decades ago, Leon Lett, who will perhaps go down as the biggest turkey of them all.”

Snyder parties until well past last call after almost beating Dallas

"I'm just so, so happy!" Redskins owner Daniel Snyder shouted while dancing at Fur sporting oversized neon Wayfarers and double fisting Pellegrino after Washington's OT loss at home to the Cowboys. "We almost won! We almost won! Tom and Katie should have been at [Sunday's] game!"