Texas State Police and a few Texas Rangers were called to the home of Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan after neighbors reported a big dust up in the front yard. When law enforcement arrived, Rob had hos brother Rex in a headlock, repeatedly punching him in the ear. A Ranger lassoed Rob, separating the two combatants.

One family member, speaking anonymously, said the ill will started when the twins grew disgusted with all the media praise being directed toward the Harbaugh family for their “class and ability to lead teams to victory.”

Rex started the finger pointing as everyone headed to the Thanksgiving table by belittling Rob for “only being a coordinator.” Rob returned fire by constantly slamming his fists on the table and shouting “we’re going to the Super Bowl” as Rex tried to say grace.

Family members were able to calm the atmosphere and no further incidents occurred during dinner.

“Everything seemed fine until the game ended,” the family member said. “Rex started yelling at Rob for having ‘chick’ hair. He said their family would never get their due until Rob stopped looking like a bloated version of Fabio’s corpse.”

That’s when things got physical. Rob wouldn’t let the abuse continue any further in his home. The family was unable to stop the fight that spilled into the yard and brought on several 911 calls.

No charges were filed but Rob did kick his brother off the property. Rex was last seen checking in to a Red Roof Inn near the airport.