Has it really been 18 years since Leon Lett of the Cowboys permanently etched himself into Thanksgiving Day lore? Who could forget the big defensive tackle slipping and sliding through the snow following a blocked field goal that had sealed the victory for Dallas over Miami, inexplicably touching the ball past the line of scrimmage, allowing the Dolphins to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? As Dallas readies to host Miami again on Thanksgiving, CBS-television has promised to not forget the past, as they are preparing to show the Lett play approximately 800 times during their Thursday broadcast.

“Hello friends,” said CBS’ Jim Nance, who is set to call the game with broadcast partner Phil Simms. “This game is not about Tony Romo or Rob Ryan or Reggie Bush, but a big buffoon who left his mark on Thanksgiving Day nearly two decades ago, Leon Lett, who will perhaps go down as the biggest turkey of them all.”

When reached for comment, Lett claimed to have some extra incentive in trying to recover the blocked field goal back in 1993.

“Man, I wanted to win one of those big-assed turkey drumsticks they give out to the MVP of the game,” Lett said. “It was my last chance and I was super-hungry.”

By Jeremy Barewin

Jeremy Barewin