The speculation this week as to when Jay Cutler injured his thumb on his throwing hand came to an end today. Jerry Angelo met with the media briefly and admitted that the injury happened in the locker room after the game when both [Julius] Peppers and Cutler decided to have a ‘Thumb War’ to see who would pick up dinner Sunday night.

When reached for comment after this news broke, Cutler confirmed that’s how the injury happened.

“We were excited about the victory over the Chargers and decided to go out to dinner, the question was, who was going to pick up the bill,” Jay said. “Julius declared a thumb war, and you never turn down a thumb war; turns out his thumbs are as big as my forearms”

So why did GM Jerry Angelo have to break the news and not head coach Lovie Smith?

“We ‘Rock, Paper, Scissored’ to see who would tell the media,” said Angelo.

Brian Farrell