Tatyana Ovechkin sat in her modest Ford Taurus Station Wagon just outside the Kettler Capitals Iceplex waiting for practice to be over to pick up her recently grounded son Alex.

“No more Range Rover and no more Audi privileges,” she said. “I will drive him wherever he needs to go.”

It seems the Capitals’ star player isn’t scoring points on the ice or around the house with mom and dad. In one game back from a concussion, Sidney Crosby has almost as many points as Ovi does in 19 games. His mom also pointed out the cat box in Alex’s room hasn’t been cleaned in three days.

“Ovi is grounded until his attitude improves. He goes to work then he comes straight home,” said Mrs. Ovechkin. “He cannot play video games. He cannot Facebook and he cannot party the night before Thanksgiving either; no babushkas, nishto!”

Mom thinks a little discipline will bring her son back to the level of playing he displayed last year.

After practice was over several teammates smiled and waved at Mrs. Ovechkin as they made their way to the parking lot. Once everyone had driven off, Ovi ran out of a side door and jumped in the wagon. He tried to hide by pulling a hoodie over his face.

Mrs. Ovechkin flashed one of those tough-love smiles as the Taurus backfired then sputtered to life. “He hates it when I pick him up in this car.”