“I’m just so, so happy!” Redskins owner Daniel Snyder shouted while dancing at Fur sporting oversized neon Wayfarers and double fisting Pellegrino after Washington’s OT loss at home to the Cowboys. “We almost won! We almost won! Tom and Katie should have been at [Sunday’s] game!”

The Redskins owner had every right to finally cut loose. Any semblance of good football had been absent from the Redskins organization ever since he bought the team in 1999. A near victory was the the best thing to happen to the organization since the wild-card appearance in 1992.

“And it was against a really really good team too!” he said just before breaking into a 360-degree spin move.

Later in the wee hours, Snyder and his entourage headed to breakfast at Lincoln’s Waffle Shop. When asked what should be done about DeAngelo Hall’s request to be cut, Snyder wiped egg off his nose and let a sly little smile escape across his face.

“I’ve already put the call into Deion Sanders.”