Despite taking countless punishing hits for his nearly three seasons as the Bears QB, critics who harp on Jay Cutler’s perceived weakness as a soft competitor too eager to remove himself from games are piping up again now that a broken thumb will sideline Cutler for six to eight weeks. What many are most upset about is Cutler’s apparent refusal to learn to throw with his left hand during the 2011 season’s home stretch.

“That’s so like Jay to bow out after getting a little boo-boo,” said Kurt Leirman of Palatine after it was revealed Cutler broke his thumb during Sunday’s 31-20 win over San Diego at Soldier Field. “If he was a true gladiator he’d adapt and do what he’d have to do to help his team win even if that meant teaching himself to throw with his left hand. Thanks a lot ‘Quitler.'”

Leirman wasn’t alone in his criticism.

“First of all, he’s still got four perfectly fine fingers on that throwing hand of his, so why that’s not enough for him to go out there and play next week is beyond me,” said Javier Lopez of River West. “But to hear that he’s stubbornly refused to go against 28 years of natural human development that favors his right hand to perform all life’s basic tasks when he could be out there helping us secure a playoff spot has to make you question his heart, or complete lack thereof.”