After being out six weeks with a chest injury, Earl Bennett has come back and been nearly unstoppable with 5 catches for 95 yards and a TD vs the Eagles and 8 catches for 81 yards vs the Lions. But he has also been fined $15,000 for wearing his orange cleats in those games. With reports coming out that if he wears them again, he will not be allowed to play and the Bears would get a delay of game penalty, Earl came clean with why he’s been wearing the shoes.

“They’re magical shoes,” Bennett said.”I got my hands on the ones Bow Wow wore in ‘Like Mike’ and had them fixed up and painted orange. They are making me a Pro Bowl caliber wide receiver.”

Even without his special shoes, his teammates got his back.

“It’s like when Tracy Reynolds and the rest of the Knights stepped up their game when Calvin Cambridge’s shoes broke,” Johnny Knox said. “We will step up for Earl.”

Chicago Vince