Former All-Pro receiver and current ESPN analyst Cris Carter issued a statement this week that he is officially seeking his own catchphrase so that he can be on a level playing field with other ESPN analysts.

Citing that he has no “go-to phrase” which distinguishes him from other ESPN personalities, Carter has opened up a nationwide search via Twitter and Facebook so that fans can provide suggestions. Carter pointed to many of his co-workers catch phrases as a verbal connection to their own notoriety.

“Take Chris Berman for example,” said a beleaguered Carter. “He gets to say, ‘Back, back, back,’ and make that annoying ‘woop’ sound. I got nothing. C’mon man!”

When asked why having a catch phrase was so important, Carter argued that he’s just another face in the crowd without one.

“Look at Stuart Scott,” Carter barked. “I mean if it wasn’t for his messed up eye and him saying ‘Boo-yah’ all the time, people would think I was him. C’mon man!”

Carter noted his phrase has to be catchy, explosive, and preferably one to two words. When asked how he’ll know what phrase is right for him, Carter scoffed at the audacity of the question.

“C’mon man!” shouted Carter. “I’m a professional. I’ll know I have a catch phrase when it fits so naturally, I won’t even know it’s rolling off my tongue.”

Carter’s ultimate hope is that the phrase will become so popular that people will mimic the saying to such a high degree, it will outlive its usefulness and generally become an annoying part of the vernacular of even the non-sports fan.

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