This Monday’s game between the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys won’t just be a clash of 2-1 teams on the national stage. It will also decide once and for all whether Jay Cutler or Tony Romo will be labeled “America’s Second Most Hated QB.”

“Right now, the nation really can’t stand either one of them,” said ESPN analyst Chris Mortensen. “Romo with his fumbles and general choke factor, and Cutler for his mercurial play and apparent disregard for teammates. Who can rise to the occasion and leapfrog past the other to become only the second most villified quarterback in the country remains to be seen.”

According to Mortensen, either player could get the job done simply by “not sucking as much as usual.” One of the players could even win by default if Jets star Tim Tebow gets enough playing time to be considered a full-time QB.

“Obviously Tebow has what it takes to be most hated,” said Mortensen. “But right now, he’s simply the most hated overall player. We’re talking QB’s here.”

Heckler George