The Cubs announced today that they will be offering Wrigley Playoff Experience tickets for the 2012 wild card, division, and World Series games. Fans will be able to attend all of the MLB postseason games while enjoying the exciting atmosphere of the Friendly Confines.

When reminded Wrigley will not be hosting any of the games, nor has any video capability to broadcast games to fans seated at the ballpark, Cubs spokesman Wiley Barnes explained.

“Well, most of the time, the fans seated at the ballpark rarely worry about actually seeing the game in progress, so we thought why not capitalize on that?” he asked. “All concessions will be operating, so beer consumption should be comparable to an actual game. This is something we want to do for the fans, many of whom won’t get to experience an actual playoff game at Wrigley in their lifetime.”

Fans are encouraged to bring radios to the game, but updates on scores will be provided on the Wrigley scoreboard if anyone is interested. Delays of up to one hour are expected on those updates. Tickets start at $49.50 for obstructed view.

John F